Our Vision

Providing quality tuition at an acceptable and affordable price.


Entrench the principles of honesty, integrity and professional standards as enshrined by professional and ethical standards.

About us

The CEO, upon completing his Bachelor of Accounting undergraduate studies,  relentlessly pursued the Post-graduate Diploma in Accounting.  Due to commitment, dedication and perseverance, he achieved the ultimate success of being awarded the Chartered Accountant qualification.

He served his articles with the largest audit firm in South Africa at their Durban offices, which was fulfilling and rewarding.  His theoretical and practical knowledge helped him in the corporate world.

Thereafter, he pursued a career in the automotive industry for 5 years, where he made tremendous inroads, but the time came when he felt that he needed to get into his own practice.  Upon embarking on this course of action, his hard work saw tangible results, namely a meteoric rise in clientele.

At this juncture, he was offered the post of managing partner of a medium accounting practice.  Not long thereafter, his expertise was recognised and he was offered a post in the Middle East of the largest international audit firm there in the role of Audit Director.

Approximately 2 years later, the desire to get back home led him to greener pastures.  At that point he served as CFO for a prominent MBA college.

Ultimately, he realised that there was a dire need for quality education in the accounting profession, hence the birth of ACE.