FARNAAZ had this to say about ACE’s tuition programme:

“Prior to enrolling with Accounting College of Excellence (ACE) I was floundering and lost in a sea of dreadful marks and my only hope of passing was a miracle. In my search for help I came across Mr. Seedat and even though he did not tutor full time students I begged him to take me on. Alas, he agreed on condition I dutifully follow his recipe to pass.


From my first lesson, Accounting 200 was not looking like the monster it originally seemed. As we clocked more hours in with Mr. Seedat a clearer picture of the course was visible and I had more than just a miracle to pass on.


The ACE programme for Accounting 200 was very intense but worth it. We got to learn things that will never be taught in lecture rooms. Mr. Seedat also ensured that we just didn’t know our work to pass, but he made sure that we knew our work so well that future clients of ours will be in safe and capable hands.


Mr. Seedat comes with a wide range of field experience, he started to mould and grow us into students who will not only be academically prepared to pass the exam but also prepared for the “big bad world” which will consist of short deadlines and major pressure.


Having followed the recipe to the best of my ability I finished my final Accounting 200 exam with a whopping 83%. My only regret is that I didn’t find Mr. Seedat sooner.”

TASNEEM had this to say about ACE’s tuition programme:

“I was studying Accounting 200 at the University of KwaZulu Natal and was experiencing difficulty with the subject. I heard of the Accounting College of Excellence through a friend of mine and decided to join their tuition classes in August 2011.


At the college, under the tutorship of Mr. Seedat, I began to grasp a better understanding of the subject. The small class ensured personal attention was granted to each student. By working through past year papers I gained confidence. Mr. Seedat exposed us to high level questions and exam papers, better equipping us to write and pass the final examination. He also set simulated examination papers which we wrote under exam conditions, which he thereafter marked and personally explained each of our mistakes and weaknesses, which was of great assistance.


I would highly recommend the Accounting College of Excellence to any students who are experiencing difficulty with Accounting.”



FAAIZAH had this to say about ACE’s tuition programme:

“I am a student at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and recently completed Accounting 200.

I joined the Accounting College of Excellence two months before my final examination as I was having difficulty in grasping certain sections of the accounting syllabus. In the short space of time that I spent there my marks increased by eight percent. In these classes we are exposed to a much higher standard of Accounting which prepares us for any question we are  faced with. There you are not just taught accounting principles but also important skills that you need to apply when writing an examination.

I am one of the students that Mr Seedat would simply classify as “lazy” since I do not do more than the minimum required, however with his help and the individual attention I received, I managed to pass accounting comfortably.  The only regret I have is not joining earlier. I would highly recommend these classes, as anyone who joins them and follows the instructions given, will succeed in passing Accounting.”